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Faciliating the learning journey for over four million users, helping them with their personal and career development.

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About Enable LMS

The Enable LMS is an enterprise-level learning platform, designed to facilitate the eLearning delivery across many different sectors and audiences, from individual learners to multi-national organisations. My goal was to ensure it could meet all these needs effectively, giving learners, training professionals and Virtual College staff the tools and abilities to exceed their expectations.

Key features

The learning platform had the following features which I designed:

  • Learning creation – Assessments, evaluations, certificate and course editing
  • Learning management – Automated allocating courses, categories, reporting
  • Group and user management – User profiles, facilitating allocating, resource management and discussions
  • Job role management – Creating and managing employee appraisals
  • Event management – Event creation, inviting, management, registering and reporting
  • Internationalisation – Supporting multiple langauages, including Arabic, right-to-left direction text
  • System management – Customer feature management, branding, registration, course licencing


It was identified that the Virtual College’s Enable LMS platform needed rebuilding from the ground up to replace the existing system. The key tenets were that the new system had to be responsive for multiple device types and accessible for a varied audience.

My role

UI Development, UI Design, HTML, CSS, Sass, User Research, UX, Personas, Design Documentation


As Virtual College had an existing system, we quickly identified the core functionality we would need to replace. Speaking to customers, stakeholders and the wider organisation, we prioritised these to deliverable features which were designed and developed.


For each of the key features, I facilitated the ideation process amongst product owners and developers. Creating wireframes from these workshops which then fedback into iterative workshops to define the solution we would deliever.


As well as designing each of the features, I also kept a holistic view of the application, ensuring that existing features could be utilised where appropriate. I also implemented a rebrand of Enable LMS when the organisation's brand was updated, ensuring it still met our accessibility targets.


Conceptualising all features such as learner management, including powerful automation, course editing, including assessment and evaluation tools, resource management and many other intrinsic parts of the platform.

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